Maurice Kamto: “I assure you of my unflinching commitment to this struggle”

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Maurice Kamto

Runners-up in the just ended presidential elections in Cameroon Maurice Kamto in a statement today October 29 has congratulated Cameroonians for their patriotic mobilization against what he calls the “proclamation of unfair results”

Calm and unswerving now opposition frontline runner Maurice Kamto makes this statement following general protest march both in Cameroon and the diaspora organized by the Cameroon Renaissance movement party (CRM) against what they called elections holdup by 86years old Paul Biya.

The protest timidly took place on Saturday and Sunday which saw many protesters arrested and others injured

“Cameroon authorities have released around 50 opposition supporters detained in Douala, but also arrested others on Sunday in Yaoundé, CRM party said”

These arrests on Saturday and Sunday came after the Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji on Friday warned that “any attempts to disturb public order will be met with the greatest firmness. He added that “With the proclamation of results, the process has ended…” public demonstrations must now take place in conditions set by law”.

However, it should be noted that in Cameroon opposition assembly is always prohibited and most opposition gatherings/rallies are always done after several administrative confrontations between opposition leaders and civil administrators

Here is what “believed president-elect” Maurice Kamto has to say to the Saturday and Sunday protesters

Message to Cameroonian patriots

“To all the patriots of the diaspora who mobilized themselves as never before in our history since the proclamation of the unfair results of the presidential election of October 7.

To all Cameroonians at home and abroad who have courageously been committed to this struggle of the National Resistance Plan (NRP) the past weekend; to those of you, who last Saturday and from the banks of River Wouri made Douala and Cameroon vibrate, by your peaceful and courageous acts.

To the Cameroonian diaspora who from your stay in foreign land have joined your voices and your footsteps to those of the compatriots of Douala

To the protesters of the Roman Catholic Community of Yaoundé who, on the esplanade of Our Lady Cathedral, in silence, meditation, prayer, and in a peaceful manner, were in total fellowship last Sunday with the ideal to seek the truth of the presidential election of October 7, 2018.

This is how Biya won in the 9 regions of Cameroon. very questionable see here.

To those who brought their support and compassion to the imprisoned protesters, you were able to bear the cost of their arbitrary arrest, you have become heroes and your courage commands admiration, which by every way strengthens our determination to resist arbitrary arrest and oppression.

Also, I strongly and vigorously condemn the squashing of your liberties and your rights by the forces against Truth, Law and Justice and I assure you of my unflinching commitment to this struggle.

To the lawyers and other people of good will who have spontaneously mobilized to defend those whose fight for freedom and justice led to their detention, hear in my voice the expression of my patriotic gratitude towards you.

Let’s stay mobilized because the national resistance continues


Maurice KAMTO

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