SOPECAM launches Anglo-Saxon newspaper, Cameroon Insider

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SOPECAM launches its new strictly Anglo-Saxon Bi-weekly newspaper.
The ceremony took place yesterday July 25th at the Yaounde Conference center under the auspices of the minister of communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi in the presence several dignitaries.

SOPECAM launches Cameroon Insider

The Director General of SOPECAM Marie Claire Nana said the new baby Cameroon Insider is resuming an initiative which started in July 1974 and along the line suffered several setbacks due to economic down turn. Cameroon Insider will be published only in English language said the DG.

While emphasizing the purpose of Cameroon Insider the Minister of Communication revealed that at least 500 newspapers, 200 radio stations and 30 television channels exist in Cameroon adding that the lone state Anglo saxon newspaper is not just meant for Anglophones but for all Cameroonians which is a great move to enhancing bilingualism. notes that La Société de Presse et d’Éditions du Cameroun (SOPECAM), is a state parastatal created by decree n ° 77/250 of July 18th, 1977, and was transformed by decree n ° 2016/216 of April 28th, 2016, Since April 28, 2016, SOPECAM has been a corporation with public capital.
The purpose of SOPECAM include:

  • Editing and publication of all works, particularly in the fields of artistic and literary creation, scientific and technical production;
  • Printing of documents of every nature;
  • The publishing and distribution, in all mediums, of all books and publications;
  • The development of all activities related or complementary to its purpose.

In view of this responsibility, Cameroonians over the years have criticized the national publisher of language bias conspicuously relegating the publications in English in a said Bilingual country.

The launching of Cameroon Insider yesterday where was invited is a great step at the right time but we will be watching the implementation of the good works as outlined in its visionary document here attached


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