Quality control management in Cameroon gets a new player Ess.Be

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Quality control management in Cameroon 

Munang ConsultingQuality control management in Cameroon is a serious concern but hardly talked about. Most companies tend to ignore this salient aspect in their production management process partly because there exists little or no sensitization about quality control and also because there exists few bodies or companies that offer such services

According to Investopedia, Quality control (QC) is a process through which a business seeks to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved with either reduced or zero errors. Quality control requires the business to create an environment in which both management and employees strive for perfection. This is done by training personnel, creating benchmarks for product quality and testing products to check for statistically significant variations.

Quality control management though very expensive is highly sought for by companies who have the satisfaction and wellbeing of their customers at heart. In Cameroon, quality control management is handled by fewer sectorial bodies like The National Laboratory for the Quality Control of Drugs and Expertise (LANACOME)   Agence des Normes et de la Qualité (ANOR), Department of Marketing and Quality Control (DCCQ) of the National Cocoa and Coffee Board (NCCB).

There are little or no companies that offer quality control management services to established companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in Cameroon

It is within this backdrop that a strong woman and a passionate entrepreneur Tengu Solange assembled pressmen and women in a press conference on May 25th 2019 to announce the creation of a new company Soulmate Biznes Empire (Ess.Be)

The conference that took place at Air France building Bonanjo Douala had in attendance journalist, bloggers and entrepreneurs.

As a socio-political blogger and manager of Munang.net, I sought to know from the dynamic CEO the raison d’etre of the launching of Ess.Be and what difference it is bringing to Cameroon

She eloquently went straight to the point to declare that EssBE is a Quality management consultancy company that offers services to food businesses, service value companies and product value companies as well as charity organisations.

Soulmates Biznes Empire is a limited partnership with 5 partners that seek to certify 30plus companies by 2030 in quality control.

She continued by saying that Soulmates Biznes Empire is bringing something very special to its customers by coming very close to small and medium enterprises and big companies to offer them first-class quality control services including;

  1. Employee training and sensitization on GHP/GMP (Restaurant, Hotel, Food, Beverage companies)
  2. Implementation of hazard analysis critical control point
  3. Company certification and ISO 22000/ISO 9000
  4. Documentation of standard operation procedures

Apart from quality control consultancy services Soulmates Biznes Empire offers consultancy services in Travel Aid, Business management and promotion

When asked what the value proposition of the new company is the dynamic CEO said EssBE prides herself in the fact that “Your business branding is built into our affordable quality control certification services” and this she added entails:

  • Business Auditing (pre and post Auditing),
  • Employee training
  • Identification of business problems and
  • The implementation of corrective measures,
  • Writing and establishment of standard procedures,
  • Evaluation of business procedures and
  • The issuing of quality control certification

Other questions came in from Kesa Magazine in the domain of music business. Fabz Chi sought to know the reason for the poor Lyrical content of Kids Hall of Talent flag bearer Kowan and the relationship between music promotion department and quality control consultancy department of EssBE.

Tengu Solange quickly accepted the failure in the quality censorship of Kowan’s Lyric promising immediate amelioration and clarified that music business is a partner office to EssBE.

Other interesting questions came in from seasoned entrepreneurs Njisong Godlove and Neba Paul and other journalists that covered the event. The conference was garnished with some snacks and ended with a photo shoot session Quality control in Cameroon

Click here Soulmate Biznes Empire (EssBE) to know more about quality control management consultancy in Cameroon.

What are the advantages of getting a quality control expert for your business?

  • Encourages quality consciousness
  • Satisfaction of consumers
  • Reduction in production cost
  • Most effective utilization of resources
  • Reduction in inspection costs
  • Increased goodwill
  • Higher morale of employees
  • Improved employer-employee relations
  • Improved techniques and methods of production
  • Effective advertisement
  • Facilitates price fixation
  • Increased sales


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