Only a UN Referendum can put our guns downs – Ambazonia Interim Government

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Ambazonia Interim Government: Only a UN Referendum can put our guns downs

The fearless Secretary of Communication for the Ambazonia Interim government Chris Anu has declared on Wednesday 24, 2018 that only a UN-sponsored Referendum in their claimed territory Ambazonia will guarantee them to lay down arms.

He explained that a referendum is the only option left to satisfy both the conflicting parties (They the people of Southern Cameroons and the Government of Cameroon.

This is coming weeks after Chris Anu on October 10 on the Voice of America (VOA) congratulated the president Elect for French Cameroon Maurice Kamto which they believed he won.

The Ambazonia Interim Government had tabled hot demands to the expected president-elect Kamto demanding the total withdrawal of all French Cameroon troops from their territory, The withdrawal of all civil administrators and The unconditional release of all Ambazonia detainees including their Interim president Julius Ayuk Tabe who has been under custody for 7months and counting.

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Still on VOA two weeks ago Chris Anu said

“We are hoping that he (Maurice Kamto) will facilitate the formal separation between French Cameroon and Ambazonia. And if he does not believe we are entitled to a country of our own we are challenging him to a Referendum, A United Nation’s sponsored Referendum”. Chris Anu on VOA.  Continue reading what he said on VOA

However, things did not work out well as speculated as the Constitutional Council of Cameroon last Monday the 22 proclaimed 86 years old incumbent Biya as winner of the October 2018 elections.

As a way forward in resolving the prolonged Anglophone crisis an All Anglophone General Conference is coming up Buea in November 2018. This conference is the initiative of Right Reverent Cardinal Tumi and Dr. Simon Munzu

In response, the upcoming controversial conference, the secretary of state for the Ambazonia Interim Government Chris Anu said the Conference is a nonstarter and will meet the aspirations of the people since its objective is to find better solutions to the problem of living together with French Cameroon.

This according to Chris Anu this option is greatly rejected by the majority of the people of Southern Cameroons.

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