How to sell your services online in Cameroon

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How to sell your services online in Cameroon

Online marketing in Cameroon is the greatest thing every smart entrepreneur should not only be thinking about but take concrete actions. You will agree with me that the growing awareness in digital marketing in Africa, Cameroon inclusive implies that soon consumers will consider any business without reputable online presence as less valuable, less problem solving, less innovative and all the less.

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Why chose to sell your services online in Cameroon?

The use of internet is fast becoming opium in Cameroon. Everyone seeks to have a smartphone because of the anxiety to belong (to the class of internet users).

Statistics don’t lie

Population estimate for Africa 2019 is 1,320,038,716. Internet users in the continent amount to over

464,923,169 in Dec 2018 with a 35.2% penetration rate. Africa has 204,304,118 Facebook subscribers in Dec, 2017, a 15.5% penetration rate.

Out of this number Cameroon, with a population estimate of 25,312,993 (2019) has an internet market share of 6,128,422 Internet users in Dec/2018 that is 24.2% of the population. Cameroon has 2,700,000 Facebook subscribers in Dec/2017 with a penetration rate of 10.7% (

Practically, buying a TV set is now seen as a luxury or a form of decorating houses rather than use it for information and entertainment purposes.

People invest in buying expensive and highly responsive mobile phones or laptops for business, information and entertainment.

This logically means that 70% of Cameroon’s consumable population look/stare at their mobile phones or open their personal computers every day.

On a personal note, I watch TV like 4hrs in a week. Empirically, it means that if a local business target increasing its customers using online platforms it will likely dominate its market niche and increase sales.

In Cameroon this can be achieved in two ways: social media marketing (SMM) and search engine marketing (SEM).

A local company can do this on its own by employing an online marketing expert or preferably look for a Digital marketing agency to this for them. If you don’t know the best Digital marketing companies in Cameroon that can give you real results then Munang Consulting – the leading outsourcing Agency in Cameroon is here to help you out.

There are many ways to sell your services online in Cameroon. Our special package at the end of this blog post focuses on the three (3) main forms of selling your services online in Cameroon or advertising on the internet that is applicable in the Cameroonian business environment and Africa in general.

Before we continue!

Do you know the trending types of online advertisement?

Know them here to inspire others

The common types of online advertising

Native advertising

Here, you pay website owners, bloggers, Facebook, and other social media platforms to showcase your products or events at the end of blog posts, in-feeds, promoted listings, Search ads, and Recommendation widgets

Display ads.

They are known as display ads because they appear in visual forms on third party websites based on related content. They can be displayed as floating banners, static images, videos, plain texts, pop-ups, wallpapers, and flashes. This is the modus operandi for Google Adsense (bloggers’ favorite).

Video Ads.

Video ads are the most engaging type of ads now. They entail making a short, enticing and captivating video about your product or service and posting on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Brightroll, YuMe, Hulu, Live Rail,, Specific Media, Tube Mogul, Tremor Video

Email marketing.

Email marketing as a form of online advertising has grown over the years to become one of the cheapest, fastest and most sustainable type of online advertising/promotion.

To use this type of online promotion you just have to put a sign-up widget on your website where visitors can subscribe to your newsletter and subsequently become your potential customers.

If you don’t have a website or your website doesn’t pull enough traffic you can outsource email lists from email campaign companies like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign. This can be done more effectively with the help of a digital marketing company that you know.

Alternatively, you can reach out to popular blogs who have huge email subscribers based on your niche and pay them to send your sales campaign messages to their subscribers.

Sending private emails to individuals talking about your promotions, service discounts, new products or even your rich seminars, workshops, events is the most loyal way to entice and convert potential customers to effective buyers. At Munang consulting, we have contracted digital marketing companies who can do this for you with a 20% discount. Just hit the WhatsApp button below

Social Media Ads

This is the most popular type of online promotion/advertising. In fact, if social media Ads was a course in the university it should be having 12 credit value. According to Adskill (one of the leading digital marketing agency which Munang consulting is a proud product of their mentorship).

“Social media, ads is a marketing arena that is not only efficient but effective”.

Very similar to Display Ads, Social Media ads can be anything from a simple banner or image to an auto-play video.

The greatest advantage of Social Media advertising is the fact that you can target your audience easily. For instance, Facebook’s targeting options include age, region, interests, educational background and more.

The two types of Social Media advertisement:

Organic – this entails utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook accounts, business pages/groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, WhatsApp groups etc. to create and engage a following that will potentially love and purchase your product or services

Paid – this is the best, easiest and less stressful form of social media advertising. With paid ads, your sales campaigns are delivered to specific locations, specific audience in the form of sponsored posts

How to sell your services online in Cameroon

Paid ads on Facebook

There are many social media platforms to pay for this type of ads:

LinkedIn, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram,Tumblr, Reddit

How to sell your services online in Cameroon

Paid ads on Facebook

However, I will advise any entrepreneur in Cameroon to target just Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

You can prepare your Social Media campaigns yourself or you can work with an online advertising agency to prepare your campaigns more professionally. You want to do social media advertisement? Munang Consulting has an expert for you. Just hit the WhatsApp button below

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The most dependable form of online paid advertising (and also the most common). SEM works based on keywords – you and other businesses like yours bid on keywords through search engines in an effort to get your website information show up higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

All SEM ads that appear in Google, Bing and other search engines are text ads. They’re listed at the top or sides of the SERP.

Paid ads. Paid searching engine Ads has a lot of technical terminologies when explaining, to better help you understand in simple terms, searching engine Ads means you pay Google mainly to rank your website, product or service on top of search results in relation to a particular keyword

You can also use SEM in the unpaid form by optimizing your website for keywords (also known as search engine optimization SEO). Search engines list the unpaid results based on relevance to improving the SEO of your site meaning you’ll be able to get more clicks for free if you improve your site’s SEO. The most recommended SEO manager for WordPress users is a Plugin called Yeost SEO.

How to sell your services online in Cameroon

Search engine optimization

The best platforms for SEM are Google AdWords, which allow you to create highly targeted campaigns; to make the most of your Google AdWords campaigns. Another platform that’s great for SEM is Bing, which has less competition than AdWords.

How to sell your services online in Cameroon

search engine optimization


You are wise to have read this article to the end. Now this is the special package we have for you

What is Munang Consulting?

Munang Consulting is the leading outsourcing agency in Cameroon. Through our online presence in the last two years, we have succeeded to build a network of reliable professional service providers. Based on our terms of engagement, they render services to our clients with a 20% discount.

Thus, you don’t longer need to move about knocking at office doors to get a professional service, all you need to do is search on your phone “Munang Consulting” and you will get to us via social media or on the web. Just tell us the service you need and we run around worrying about your solution at a cheap price.

Why come to Munang consulting as an outsourcing agency in Cameroon?

How to sell your services online in Cameroon

Benefits of outsourcing

First, outsourcing refers simply to the act of “contracting out” shifts tasks, operations, jobs, or processes to an external workforce, by contracting with a third party for a significant period of time. Businesses typically do this to reduce costs or improve efficiency. Outsourced functions can be performed by the third party either onsite or offsite of the business. (The Balance)

Why chose Munang consulting?

Apart from major websites such as where you browse through and have a grasp of the various companies and the services they offer in Cameroon, most queries on the net concerning service delivery in Cameroon end up in a bug. Second, companies do not know about online business listing.

With the coming of Munang consulting we control a database of professional service providers on a personal basis and as such we connect our clients to the best companies needed to solve their problems. Being a consulting agency we have the responsibility to advise our customers in all their worries before providing them with a service provider. So, why come to us:

  • You get 20% off the cost of service delivery
  • We save your stress and time of looking for reliable professionals to render you a service. This is because we are addicted to excellence so we select only the best to contract
  • As a company, if you are contracted under us, you benefit from free online promotion and branding as we massively promote your business online using our blogging influence
  • As our client, you get connected with realm of professionals

That is not all. We are a reputable brand well respected in the media sphere. The manager of Munang consulting is the youngest Socio-political Blogger in Cameroon who is well respected by his followers online and solicited for Socio-political analyses by media houses such as Afrique media TV, Canal2 International, STV, Equinox TV, Hi TV, Sweet FM, Royal FM, Radio Balafon.

Georges Munang is also a Digital marketing consultant and an experienced PR manager. This media presence has permitted him to be highly connected with reliable professionals in the Cameroon business landscape. That is why many trust Munang Consulting

Services Munang Consulting can now provide on promo

  • Website hosting, development, design and maintenance
  • Web/mobile app development
  • Digital marketing services: SEO, social media marketing, online and offline branding
  • Internet security, Ethical hacking
  • Freight forwarding in Cameroon: custom clearing, Transport and logistics, import and export
  • Corporate communication services including print and broadcast magazine production
  • Photo/video shooting and editing for company purposes, marriages, concerts, conferences seminars, shows or private
  • Travelling services: processing of visas, booking of flights, hotel reservation, pick up from airport
  • Real estate: follow up land title documents, buy you a house in Cameroon, rent you a house, buy you a land
  • Content creation: write your articles, create your short videos for sales campaign
  • Graphic designing


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