Government creates new industrial zone in Bamenda, ignores threats from ‘Amba boys’

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New industrial zone in Bamenda

Cameroon’s Industrial Zones Development and Management Mission (MAGZI) has just completed the development of a new 44-ha industrial zone in the city of Bamenda, the regional capital of the Northwest.

MD Georges Christol Manon, invites economic operators to set up businesses in these newly commissioned land. According to him, despite the separatists’ violence in this region for almost two years now, about 5 hectares out of the 44 available hectares have already been reserved by investors.

As a reminder, MAGZI is a state company in charge of developing spaces for investors to set up in Cameroon, in exchange for a highly competitive rent.

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This action by the government goes a long way to show how careless the government considers the ongoing crisis in the two English speaking regions of the country.

The essence of this move justifies government’s determination to crack down on separatist fighters in the city of Bamenda who have totally succeeded to make the regional headquarter an unsafe haven.

New industrial zone in Bamenda

Chaos in Bamenda Government vs separatists

Nonetheless, how determined the government is to do away with the Amba Boys as the separatist fighters are called is somehow diluted by the resolute and capabilities of the guerrilla fighters.

The ability of the separatist fighters to render this juicy investment opportunity useless can be perceived from a recent BBC report which revealed that separatist fighters have succeeded to make the North West and South regions “Ungovernable”

“The militias, formed in the past 12 months, have made many small towns and villages in the two main Anglophone regions, the North-West and South-West, “ungovernable”, something unimaginable just a few years ago, Nigeria-based Cameroon analyst Nna-Emeka Okereke told the BBC.

They probably have 500 to 1,000 active fighters, but more importantly they have the morale and determination to fight for the independence of what they call Ambazonia state,he said.

The militias have repulsed attempts by the powerful Cameroonian army, including its elite US-trained troops, to defeat them because of the support they command in the two regions, Mr Okereke said”.

This is a government action that would have gone a long way to create new companies and bring more jobs to the city of Bamenda.

New industrial zone in Bamenda

A cross-section of the industrial zone- magzi

Could one say this is a good action at the wrong time because based on national and international reports on the ongoing atrocities in the English speaking parts of Cameroon no potential investor would take the risk of investing in the embattled city of Bamenda for now.



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