France to withraw her troops from Africa?

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During the just ended Yellow veste costly demonstrations in France. Vocal Donald Trump slammed France on a tweet

“Demonstrations and riots everywhere in France,…The protesters chant ‘We want Trump’. I love France”

This tweet and several critical others pinched the French government in the balls and the reactionary French Foreign minister Jean Yves le Drain had to retaliate

“I say to Donald Trump and the President of the Republic (Emmanuel Macron) told him also: we do not take part in American debates, *let us live our life* of nation, “he said in the show Grand Jury in France.

permit me laugh at France a beat. Who wants to be left alone? who doesn’t like other nations intervening in her internal political affairs? This is real diplomatic upping the ante.

France would not allow us Africans alone even minor protest for none payment of salaries France will come in as adviser. In the just ended elections in Congo France will not let the results proclaimed by the National Electoral Independent Commission be, even though she still is the constitutional council for all her “colonial nations”

In mid December Trump announced he was going to withdraw US troops from Syria since ISIS has been defeated. Fance criticised the decision as premature.

Yesterday France announced through its foreign Minister they were going to visit Syria and French troops will be withdrawn once a political decision is taken.

Comparatively, France is an opportunist as political observers hold, she cannot do anything on her own in world diplomacy except initiating mafia.

As a young African I herein put it to France if she is going to withdraw her troops from Syria let her continue the process in Africa. Come and completely take way her devilish exploitation agents call troops stationed in Mali, Chad, Central Africa Republic you can name the rest. Enough is enough

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