Estelle Yomba, African lady transferring American technology to Cameroon

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Estelle Yomba, African lady transferring American technology to Cameroon

Estelle Yomba is the Founder of Seven Advanced Academy, a Silicon Valley blended First-class Computer Engineering training Institute based in Douala, Cameroon

Estelle Yomba currently resides in the United States where she is serving as Senior Technical Program Manager for Google.

Before assuming the top job at Google, she had served as a Software engineer from 2015 and worked on the world’s favourite internet browser Google Chrome.

In 2013, Estelle Yomba was hired by eBay Inc as a Software engineer where she multitasked as a mobile programmer

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Before moving to the United States, she was hired by Skylite Communications in 2012 while working as an intern at Rack Africa in Ghana. She worked for one year as a software engineer at Skylite Communications in Silicon Valley before being discovered by eBay Inc.

After getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with First Class Honors from Regent University College of Science and Technology in Ghana, ambitious Estelle later took an adventure into Networking at the Koffi Anan Institute 

In February 2012 I was called for an internship with Vodaphone in Ghana. It was hard on me as a foreign student doing internship with no allowance. So, the first day I went straight to the Office of the boss of the company and pleaded I needed some cash for my taxi. The woman was like ‘what! You really want to work? I said…yes Ma, in fact, I want to work… I don’t even want an internship… I’m ready for a test”. So without warning the woman called her friend who had a Datacenter and said; ‘this is my child Estelle, she wants to work, I want you to hire her’ that is how I found myself in Rack Africa as a paid intern” says the daring entrepreneur

It is within this backdrop of academic, travel and professional experience that the dream of a World-Class IT training institute set into the life of the rare fine woman product in IT Estelle Yomba.

She did not think like others investing abroad. Haven gotten the inflammable vision to train young people with world-class skills in IT, the illustrious career woman quickly thought of her poor country Cameroon.  

My dream is to use Seven Advanced Academy to build a community of Silicon Valley experts first in my country Cameroon and then Africa. The community of first-class Tech engineers will in no time pull in Top Multinationals to come invest in our country, that is basically what is lacking for now”. She Emphasized 

Founder/CEO of Seven Academy Estelle Yomba during the corporate dinner at the institution’s Head office in Douala

Estelle Yomba is among the very few heavyweight professionals in the woman in Tech Category in Cameroon

She did her primary and secondary education in Nkongsamba and Lycee de Manengoumba respectively. After getting her BAC “C” in Lycee Cite de Palmiers in Douala she became the first student among the pioneer batch to be enrolled into the PK Fokam Institute of Excellence in Yaoundé to study computer science in 2007. 

The school fees at the time was exorbitant in a year when Cameroon was undergoing economic crisis and political uprising. Thanks to her intelligence young and determined Estelle who had already fallen in love with programming broke academic records at the PK Fokam Institute of Excellence sweeping along all final year scholarships and that is how she tactically avoided paying school fees.  

As the best graduating student but broke; she had to continue further studies abroad. That is how she found herself in Ghana and later Silicon Valley through Divine intervention.

The gentle-hearted career woman is happily married with a son to Franky Yomba who is the Co-Founder of Seven Advanced Academy and currently works as a Mechanical Engineer at the state Utility Company PGE in the Bay Area, California.

Estelle Yomba, African lady transferring American technology to Cameroon

Founder of Seven Academy Estelle Yomba and Co-founder Franky Yomba (husband) during the corporate dinner at the Institution’s Head Office in Douala.

The soft-spoken 30-year-old entrepreneur says she likes cooking and arranging flowers.

Seven Academy is a Silicon Valley blended First-Class IT Training Institute that trains young Cameroonians on highly-paid in-demand IT skills to enable them land high-quality jobs worldwide. Located opposite Hotel Serena Bali, Douala, Seven Academy is fast becoming a national leader in professional Web/mobile Apps development, Digital marketing, IT Security, Cloud Computing and Data science training. Seven Academy is founded by a Cameroonian woman in Tech Estelle Yomba, with over 9years of IT engineering Experience in the Silicon Valley USA.  For more info visit


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