Community based organizations in Cameroon for Community based initiatives

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Community based organizations in Cameroon

Community Based Organizations are organizations that are aimed at bringing about improvement in the social wellbeing of individuals, groups in a particular community. As a democratic instrument to create sustained social change, they can operate like civil society Nonprofit. (Murray G. 1967)

Though the civil society landscape in Cameroon is not well organized and most actors are not grounded on the role and modus operandi of community based organizations, some outstanding CBO actors are redefining the trends.

To better educate people about the activities of this category of community developers in Cameroon as the leading socio-political blog has decided to launch a blogging series doped “CBOs 4 CBIs” which means community based organizations for community based initiatives dedicated to dig into, analyze and showcase on the Cameroon digital landscape the personal engagements and endeavours of this category of entrepreneurs.

We expect that CBOs 4 CBIs will inspire readers, young entrepreneurs answer career questions such as WHAT can I offer to the community, HOW can I offer it and by WHICH means. You will agree with me that these questions are the most complicated for any visionary

Meet Bochum Samuel Bache founder/CEO YAPCEC

Meet the most dynamic, ethical and impact-driven young Cameroonian social entrepreneur Mr Bochum Samuel Bache. Bochum is the founder and CEO of YAPCEC. (Youth advocates for peace and community empowerment Cameroon. Having grew up in Banga Bakundu and getting his elementary education in Muyuka, South West Region of Cameroon, the 24 year old youth leader got into the University of Buea in 2012 where he later graduated with a BSc in Geography from the faculty of Social and management sciences (FSMS).

 While in the university, the quest for community service drove Bochum to join the Common Wealth Club and the Civic and Ethics Club University of Buea (pioneer member). As a born youth leader he served as the Welfare officer for the Faculty of Social and management Sciences, Secretary General Department of Geography, vice president of Junior ChamberInternational, Executive vice president of JCI Buea, Vice president of Green Peace Ambassador Network and many others. (Take note of these little engagements, this is what we call grass roots portfolio building)

After graduating with Bachelor’s Degree in Geography, young Bochum who believes that youths have the powers to succeed in life through three key areas innovation, creativity and invention conceived a vision and decided to embark on a capacity building process through volunteerism.

Based on his vision he worked with institutions such as the ministry of Environment, Ministry of Youth Affairs, and Environmental Center for education and community development. After due career experience through volunteerism, Bochum then operationalized his vision YAPCEC in 2017 after following due legal and administrative procedures.

As a CEO who knows the power of networking, pushful Bochum is presently member of Junior Chamber international, Youth Alliance for leadership and Development in Africa, Young Africans Initiative Network, Common Wealth Peace Ambassador Network, Board of Director of the Youth Empowerment Centre Buea and the Ambassador of the NEXUS Exchange based in England.

Community based organizations in Cameroon
Bochum Samuel with the president of Rwanda during the Common wealth summit in the UK

Based on his exemplary leadership and community engagement initiatives through his Community based organization (CBO) YAPCEC, Bochum has been recognized and selected by the government to serve as Cameroon national Youth Delegate to the Common Wealth in the UK, and  the Cameroon youth Delegate to the African Youth Summit in Pretoria South Africa under the invitation of the Wife of Nelson Mandela Graca Machel.

Community based organizations in Cameroon

Cognizance of the importance of intellectual capacity building, humble Bochum has attended more than 100 conferences and seminars in Cameroon. With his Geography background he has acquired expertise in Mangrove Reforestation which he provides voluntary field work with the ministry of forestry and wild life.

The what the why and how about YAPCEC

Munang info: what is YAPCEC

Bochum Samuel: YAPCEC stands for Youth Advocates for Peace and Community Empowerment Cameroon. The vision of YAPCEC is to create an inclusive global platform and to be one of the leading youth network in the promotion of peace and environmental education in Cameroon, Africa and the World. I think God is leading us there.

YAPCEC was founded in 2013, activities started in 2015 and it was officially legalized by the state in 2017 and in 2018 YAPCEC was recognized as the best Youth organization for the promoting of peace in Cameroon by the state. Also, we were equally recognized and invited by the wife of Nelson Mandela Graca Machel in South Africa for the Africa Youth Peace summit.

The mission of YAPCEC is to provide youths with relevant skills and knowledge that will empower them access opportunities to improve their lives and communities.

Munang info: what motivated the creation of YAPCEC

Bochum Samuel: Yes! actually Mr Blogger, growing up in Banga Bakundo a Sub division in the South West region of Cameroon  I witnessed social ills such as family and community violence, drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies, land conflicts and many others.

After acquiring knowledge I went back to my village, saw a need to create an inclusive platform as a youth that will promote social cohesion, peace and educate the community on environmental protection. We focus on the environment because all these activities take place in the environment

Munang info: what is your modus operandi, how does your organization function?

Bochoum Samuel: I like that question. My organization function in three thematic areas:

  • Peace advocacy, the building of non-violent conflict resolution methods.
  • Promoting environmental education and climate change actions
  • Enhancing leadership and community capacity building.

Within these three thematic areas we carry out activities ranging from food security, gender equity, human rights and charity, to civic education and multiculturalism, promoting the UN STGs and the AU vision 2063.

Based on the above functionalities our organization operates through collective efforts by working with some ministerial departments. Here, permit me to say that it is very important for every organization to work closely with the government.

The government will facilitate the success of your activities enabling you to create recognizable impact. All you need is educate your self and follow due procedure. When you meet the necessary ministerial departments present your paper based on the thematic area of operation. This has been my main force of experience.

Munang info: Mr. CEO, we have been seeing the type of activities you have been carrying out and we know very well that the government hardly provides financial support to such activities so how does YAPCEC get its financing?

Bochum Samuel: I remember asking many people this question when I was about launching my organization. First thing to note is as a visionary you need to be ready to undertake personal sacrifices. You need to hustle for money elsewhere to finance your vision. CBOs are not enterprises meaning they don’t yield profit instead you get impact in return. My activities are being financed through personal sacrifices and membership contribution.

For now, we have not had any support from the government or international donors. But I am very happy because YAPCEC has very engaging Board of Directors who at times sponsor its activities independently.

Munang info: At the end of every interview we ask our guest to provide a visionary value statement. What is your value statement to the youths Mr. CEO?

To my fellow youths I will say: Be daring through engaging to be able to emerge. Be humble and serve for experience sake, trust and network for leadership sake. Have an inclusive and innovative dream it will take you faster to the success mansion

Bochum Samuel

Munang info: we have come to the end of the interview sir, it was a wonderful experience having you grant audience to Munang info

Bochum Samuel: The pleasure was mine. I must say that you are one of the rare bloggers that will cause Cameroonians to understand the real impact of blogging. We entrepreneurs follow you because of the value you provide. Remain focused and creative as you are.

Manung info: Thank you so much sir looking forward to having you again on our platform 

 For more inquiries about the CEO Bochum Samuel Bache and his activities visit the official website of his organization at:


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