Cameroon Presidential elections 2018: who to vote

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Cameroon presidential elections 2018

Official campaign was launched last Monday 24, 2018 all over the national territory. October 7, 2018, presidential election is considered one of the most decisive presidential elections in Africa this year.

With many stakes involved the hit from the campaign can be felt with all positive ramifications. The nine (9) presidential candidates are all in the field wooing electorates with their program manifestoes commonly called campaign promises.

After thorough scrutiny of the various candidates’ manifestoes, can now authoritatively present the best candidate worthy to get total support and votes from Cameroonians come October 7.

This opinion is based strictly on what the candidate would offer as per their intended program of governance.

It should be noted that out of the (9) candidates could only identify three unique governing programs. That of the CPDM – Paul Biya, SDF – Osih Joshua and MRC – Maurice Kamto.

Their governing programs fall under the two main political thoughts Classical Conservatism and Classical Liberalism. I will explain the two thoughts in my next post.

Cameroon Presidential elections 2018, Who you should vote on October 7, 2018

Biya’s Political agenda is well known by all informed Cameroonians. Having ruled for 36 years his governing program has been focused on maintaining peace and stability in a strong and united Cameroon followed by gradual economic progress.

In his official 2018 campaign manifesto nothing strange can be found in it.

Biya and his administration will if voted again continue to:

  • Further improve the living conditions of Cameroonians
  • Continue to consolidate peace
  • Safeguard national unity and the territorial integrity of the country
  • Accelerate country progress towards the emergence
  • Strengthen innovation.
  • Enhance the role of women and youths
  • Step up the fight against exclusion
  • Provide more support to arts, sports and culture
  • Consolidate Cameroon’s position in Africa and in the world

Judging from the campaign manifesto it can be concluded that the

The New Biya’s government will not be new as nothing new is in the new program.                  Georges Munang

Though “Mr. President’s” campaign message in Maroua involved a somewhat inclusive statement like

With your confidence, I will be able to launch new initiatives with a view to consolidating our achievements and opening up new prospects for Cameroon. Pual Biya 2018.

Maurice Kamto for president Cameroon 2018

If you are fade up with the old political promises and socio-economic programs of the CPDM you will likely have to vote for the MRC led by Professor Maurice Kamto.

Cameroon Presidential elections 2018

Kamto vs Biya

After critical examination, I discovered that Maurice Kamto and the MRC presents an excellent alternative to that of Biya’s CPDM in terms of the party’s vision and their 2018 campaign manifesto.

Concerning the form of the state which is a serious bone of contention at the moment, Maurice Kamto proposes A highly decentralized United Cameroon with an effective devolution of powers to the decentralized territorial collectivities or federated states.

This is a quick alternative for those who have waited in vain for the implementation of decentralization by the ruling CPDM regime.

Kamto promises Redefining the status and role of traditional authorities

“We will redefine the status and role of traditional authorities. Indeed, the concept of auxiliary of the administration which summarizes their status currently seems reductive and should be expanded. Specifically, an Assembly of Traditional Chiefs will be established among regional or federated institutions, with consultative power over general development issues of the Region (or the Federated State) and deliberative power over matters relating to or in connection with traditional practices and customs. This Assembly will also participate in the monitoring of development projects in the Region (or the Federated State)”.

I think this is an excellent policy to redefine national integration in diversity.

Kamto’s socio-economic program is very pragmatic and operational. Among other things he proposes

  • A national language for Cameroon
  • An identity for all and a computerized national file of the population
  • Offer any young person, graduate or not, a chance to access a trade
  • Provide an institutional and financial framework for young scientists and technicians
  • Enter the Top 50 of Doing Business and be among the top 10 African countries that attract the most foreign direct investment (FDI).
  • Leave the CFA Franc. We must first decide on the path to follow: create our own currency with the 15 member States of the franc zone of Central Africa and West Africa? Create a currency specific to the 6 BEAC member States? Create a national currency in Cameroon?
  • Concerning job creation Kamto promises 100,000 additional teaching and training positions in the education and training project; 500,000 salaried jobs on the production project, including 400,000 jobs in agriculture and agro-industry and 100,000 jobs in non-agribusiness industrial sectors; 40,000 salaried jobs in social, cultural and national solidarity projects. 100,000 jobs in the health, defence and security sectors; 160,000 jobs in the tourism and leisure sector, the social and craft economy; 100,000 jobs in the central administration of the State and in the administrations and technical services of decentralized units (or federated states).

Based on public opinion gathered and the so far public manifestation, Maurice Kamto will likely get all the votes of those who prefer a unitary but decentralized Cameroon with a fast and operational socio-economic leadership as opposed to the CPDM

Joshua Osih for president Cameroon 2018

My final manifesto to analysis is that of the main opposition party SDF lead by the energetic Joshua Osih.

The SDF no doubt is the only reason Cameroonians are familiar with democratic values since the 90s.

Cameroon Presidential elections 2018

Fru Ndi and Osih

Having received much criticism from political observers and party sympathizers, the Founding chairman Ni John Fru Ndi made it possible through party constitutional norms that the well composed, intelligent and dynamic party caucus member Joshua Osih leads the party this time in the presidential elections rendezvous.

The victory of young Joshua Osih at the Party’s National executive electoral meeting gave a new and positive impression about the party among Cameroonians.

Osih’s candidacy remains very unique as an opposition to the ruling regime as he comes from a liberal political background to oppose the CPDM which is more conservative inclined.

Unlike Pual Biya, Garga Haman, Maurice Kamto, Matomba Serge, Joshua Osih represents a complete change in the political system of Cameroon

Cameroon Presidential elections 2018

Osih Vs Biya

That is why the political manifesto of Joshua Osih engulfs that of other liberal opposition candidates notable, Akere Muna, Franklin Ndifor and Cabral Libii.

Osih’s attachment to democratic values can be seen even in the opening title of his campaign manifesto

MY CONTRACT WITH THE NATION is to build a new Cameroon through determination, duty to act and innovation

Note the word contract with the nation. Social contract in governance is a political theory well propounded by liberalists John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau et al.

Summarily, Social Contract theorists maintain societies are formed based on mutual agreement between the ruled (citizens) and their rulers (government) where citizens willfully surrender their rights to their government for protection

When the government fails to secure their natural rights (Locke) or satisfy the best interests of society (called the “general will” in Rousseau), citizens can withdraw their obligation to obey or change the leadership through elections or other means including, when necessary, violence.

In Cameroon, the SDF party has an instituted system of governance based on the Social Contract.

Coming to Osih’s program of governance for the Cameroon presidential elections 2018 he among others things promises to:

  • Establish federalism as a form of state based on the current 10 regions
  • Abolish the SENATE, the office of Prime Minister and the Economic and Social Council
  • Establishing a minimum wage (SMIC) at FCFA 160,000 over a 5-year period.
  • Double the salary of civil servants over a 5 – year period.
  • Making it possible for each family to have their land title.
  • Prohibit the practice of paying rents in advance and regulating the landlord/tenant relationship.
  • Set up a guarantee fund for young entrepreneurs.
  • Introduce a national 35:35 programme. According to this programme, 35% of all service head positions in public enterprises and administration shall be held by youths of at most 35 years at the time of their appointment.
  • Oblige all businesses to publish their respective job vacancies, facilitate the employment process and strengthen the practice of equal opportunity and merit in recruitment.
  • Free and compulsory education until the end of the first cycle of secondary school.
  • Setting up the electronic textbook – connected tablets with downloadable textbooks and online courses – smart classes with interactive boards.
  • Canceling, with immediate effect, the Probatoire programme – a useless and unfounded certificate.
  • Closing ENAM.
  • Reform the Nationality Act to allow dual nationality.
  • Nominating Cameroon and two other Sub-Saharan African countries to co-organize the 2030 World Cup.

The lofty program of action is so enticing let leave it here.

Judging from the various program of governance you can bear witness with me; that of Joshua Osih is a total revolution of change for Cameroon if only elections were free and fair.

Cameroon Presidential elections 2018

Major threats to Paul Biya

Personally, I think that if Cameroonians were all able to study the various program of actions it will be logical that supporters of seasoned barrister Akere Muna, vibrant Cabral Libii and Prophet Franklin Ndifor will rationally rally behind and vote for Joshua Osih for a systemic change.


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