Cameroon cabinet reshuffle 2019: what you don’t know

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Cameroon cabinet reshuffle 2019

The list of  partial cabinet reshuffle by the president of republic Pual Biya yesterday Jan 4th 2019 came with shocking surprises. Here is the list. But as a learned Cameroonian do you know the differences between a “Minister” and a “minister of State”, a “minister delegate” and a “secretary of state”? Welcome to the leading socio-political blog in Cameroon

  • Prime minister: Joseph Doin Ngute
  • Minister of state, minister of higher education: Pr. Fame Ndongo
  • Minister of arts and culture: Bidoum Ismael
  • Minister Delegate at the ministry of Justice: Jean de Dieu Momo du Paddec
  • Minister Delegate to the presidency in charge of Public procurement: Ibrahim Talba Malla
  • Minister of state estates and land Tenure: Eyebe Ayissi
  • Minister of Communication Emmanuel: Sadi Rene
  • Minister of Basic education: Pr Etoundi Ngoa
  • Minister of Employment and vocational training: Issa Tchiroma
  • Minister of Mines: Dodo Ndocke
  • Minister of Housing urban development: Mrs Ketcha Courtes
  • Minister of Small and medium enterprises: Basselekin III
  • Minister of Public Health: Manaouda Malachi
  • Minister of Sports: Pr. Mouelle Kombi
  • Minister in Charge of relations with the Assemblies: Pr. Wakata Bolvineu

What you should know

  1. Difference between a minister and a minister of state. A minister of state is slidely different from a normal minister. In some countries a minister of state is a junior minister who is assigned to assist a specific cabinet minister with independent charges. In other countries a “Minister of State” is a holder of a more senior position, such as a cabinet minister or even a head of government.

Cameroon has three (3) Ministers of state including:

  • Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals: Laurent Esso
  • Minister of State, minister of Tourism and Leisure: Bello BOUBA Maigari
  • Minister of state, minister of Higher Education: Jacques Fame Ndongo

“In Cameroon a mister of state is a higher portfolio minister with a more independent cabinet jurisdiction to a normal minister” explains Barrister Ako John Ako

  • Difference between a minister delegate  and secretary of state

A minister delegate is simply an assistant minister in charge of a particular program in the ministry.  

Secretary of State is an appointed, Cabinet-level adviser to the President or minister. He or she works on domestic and foreign policy issues, including oversight of embassies, treaty negotiations, and international cooperation efforts.

In Cameroon, a secretary of state is arrogated to the rank of a minister says a civil administrator at the ministry of Territorial Administration. In brief, a minister delegate can be well understood in the case of the Defense ministry. Since the minister of defense is the president himself Joseph Beti Asomo can only be a minister delegate in charge of executing defense functions. She added.

Speaking to SDF venerable Hon Joseph Mbadam said these nomenclatures based on Cameroon political system are baseless and have no clear functional disparities as compared to other advanced democracies.


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