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The implementation stage of any business to all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs is a very hard Knut to crack. Reason professional education has over the years taken central stage in bridging the gap between knowledge skills and application.

In Cameroon public universities have been largely criticized for training jobs seekers rather than job creators, the existing professional higher institutions are trying to do the later but till now much work still needs to be done.

In a fast changing and digitally oriented world economy, being a successful entrepreneur becomes even more challenging. Imaging having an entrepreneurial institution in Cameroon that offers studies according to these changing innovations.

Here comes NEW AGE EDUCATION (NAE). Situated at Higher Institute for Business (HIB) Ndobong, Douala, New Age Education is an educational and training program that has been developed by top international entrepreneurs as a quest to foster financial independence, entrepreneurial aptness of participants for the economic development of Cameroon

New Age Education uses active approach in its business/entrepreneurial studies that challenges students to think quickly on their feet, to think critically and innovatively about business issues and to be able to stand out in their community.

As an innovative global program, New Age Education uses a unique framework that helps students engage with the world around them and envisage what might be different.

Practically, the school for entrepreneurs in Cameroon blend experience and experiment with creative solutions to the problems we encounter and then work persistently to realize and support innovative results.

New Age Education study program is practically online and offline. Offline/physical classes take place at the HIB Ndobong, Douala while online classes are delivered through the highly innovative and award winning international study platform

Courses are taught in the two official languages of Cameroon – English and French making the program perfectly bilingual.

New Age Education is a revolutionary idea to the professional studies landscape in Cameroon. As a student here, you will enjoy basically everything your mates enjoy in studies abroad. You enjoy a free E-library packed full with mind blowing business webinars, workshops, animated video and audio books. You will interact with highly successful entrepreneurs around the world who will deliver knowledge and teach you based on their own ups and downs.

To achieve its E-learning objective, New Age Education offers to every student after registration a free internet career (Modem) where they can use at home for assignments and self-development

Also, in a beat to accompany the government in the professionalization process of the education system in Cameroon and to make a difference as a purely entrepreneurial program, New Age Education with the help of its partners offers startup capital to all its students after they complete their training program and bring up a realizable business idea.

 Here, students are teamed up into business groups with each group given a follow up mentor in implementing their business idea. This process is working wanders in the UK, Canada, Australia, and USA where New Age Education study program is highly in use. Cameroon will be the first African country to enjoy such.

Who can be a student at New Age Education Institute?

  1. People with the ambition to start and grow a business into an empire
  2. People seeking financial freedom- who want to be their own boss
  3. Company owners looking for a way to expand
  4. People who want to start a business but lack a mentor
  5. People who think the Cameroon educational system has nothing to offer should discover us first before concluding

What knowhow will get at New Age Education?

Here lessons are based on real world cooperate happenings. You will learn how to

  1. Analyze your environment, identify opportunities
  2. Strategies on how to ideas into realizable actions and projects
  3. Learn business system and designs and most importantly  how to create and use one
  4. How to start up your business and grow in no time
  5. Strategies on how to get money work for you
  6. The financial knowhow to keep you from going bankrupt
  7. The right business mindset needed for success
  8. Learn the right interpersonal skills you need to grow as an entrepreneur
  9. How to start up business with zero capital and grow
  10. how to adapt in an international working environment

Admission requirements

  1. An essay profiling yourself. It should carry your name, academic and professional experience if any (max 200 words)
  2. An essay of your aspirations and why you and to be a New Age Education student. It should carry your goals, why you chose this study program and how you think the program will enable you achieve your set goals (max 400 words)
  3. photocopy of birth certificate
  4. photocopy of national ID card or Passport
  5. four passport size photos ( shall be taken our program graphic personnel)
  6. A filled application form ( provided by the school)
  7. Two A4 envelops
  8. Registration fee: 50.000frs
  9. Tuition fee: 600.000frs (to be paid in two instalments)

Admission for New age education were opened on January 10, 2019 to be closed on April 3rd

To get admitted write to us: visit our online platform more enquiries about New Age Education, call or WhatsApp communication manager: +237 652503860

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Bequikeh Lawrantine nguatem · January 24, 2019 at 10:59 am

Interesting but I can’t afford the tuition.

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