Anglophone crisis: Government can no longer negotiate

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Anglophone crisis: Government can no longer negotiate

Following persistent calls from the national and international community for the government of Cameroon to call for a needed dialogue or negotiation to end the protractive Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, the powers that be have been rather slow or adamant to succumb.

The UN, the UK, the US have all with good faith in respect to international relations norms offered their Good Offices for a possible negotiation between the conflicting parties (Ambazonia separatists and the Government of Cameroon)

This ultimate proposal for the government of Cameroon to negotiate with hardcore Ambazonia leaders is highly detested by the Cameroonian authorities.

Many times have the minister of Territorial administration Paul Atanga Nji and the minister of communication Issa Chiroma declared over national and international media that the Cameroon government cannot and will never negotiate with terrorists.

However, this standpoint has been seriously debunked by political observers notably the audacious seasoned Barrister Fru John Nso.

The senior barrister has maintained that government’s refusal to call for a negotiation including the Ambazonia Interim Government is a serious show of bad faith knowing that the government had negotiated with devilish Boko Haram to released kidnapped wife of former minister Adamou Ali.

No Hope for negotiation

Hope for a possible negation to end the Anglophone crisis is basically becoming a topic of no discussion.

Even the rigorous but controversial activist Ben Akih whose campaign for English Cameroon for a United Cameroon continuously attacked by pro-independent activists now sees no hope. The UK based lecturer had to confess his disappointment on Al Jazeera NewsGrid,

According to Ben Akih,  Biya has refused to hit to his and many others call to summon a sincere dialogue up to this point where he is busy preparing to organize an election of which the winner is well known.

“The opposition is too weak” “we call for president Biya to resign as his resignation will cause even separatists to come back for a united Cameroon” Ben Akih

The Catholic Church is the current body to have proposed their services for mediation to end the conflict and prevent a possible civil war.

The president of the Episcopal Conference spoke to RFI last May 19, 2018.

We do not impose ourselves, but if the authorities decide to appeal to us, we are ready” (as translated from French).

Everything in Cameroon seems to be heading to a doom.

The continuation of the Anglophone Crisis/ conflict only translates to economic  hardship, economic stagnation, and even break down, increase government expenditure, increase youth unemployment, political instability and on a personal note a bad legacy for the World’s lone non royal oldest president Paul Biya (85years)Evidence of division in Cameroon between the English speaking part and the French-speaking parts keeps speaking volumes but the authorities seem to be giving it a cold shoulder.

As countdown to the controversial October 7 presidential elections draws by, the Ambazonia revolution/Anglophone crisis remains a litmus test to the claimed political prowess of President Paul Biya.

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