Anglophone crisis at the UN Security Council: US spits fire

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Anglophone crisis at the UN Security Council

As increase international concern over the Southern Cameroon struggle takes a different turn, hope for a stop in increased violence rekindles.

Though many international bodies and governments have shown concern about the crisis situation in Anglophone Cameroon, the most striking has been the recent outings from the US and UK at the United Nations Security Council on Thursday13, 2018.

The United States on called for “immediate and broad-based reconciliatory dialogue” in between Cameroon’s government and separatists, urging talks “without pre-conditions.”

“We urge all sides to forswear violence, to restore peace, and to resolve their grievances through political dialogue,” said Jonathan Cohen, the US Deputy Representative to the United Nations.

“The security and humanitarian conditions in Cameroon’s northwest and southwest regions have significantly deteriorated,” he said, adding that escalating violence is preventing humanitarian aid delivery and blocking rural children from receiving education and health services.

“October was the most violent month on record in Cameroon in recent years, and judging from anecdotal reports, we fear that November will surpass October as the bloodiest month on record,” Cohen continued. “We don’t want to see that horrible trend continue again this month.”

“The violence must stop now.”

Watch the hearing here

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