Ambazonia interim Government tables hot demands to “president elect Maurice Kamto”

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Ambazonia interim Government

The Ambazonia Interim Government’s Secretary of state for Communications Chris Anu has tabled a set of demands to what he called the President-elect for French Cameroon Maurice Kamto. He was speaking to Voice of America (VOA) yesterday Wednesday, October 10th.

The separatist leader demanded in strong terms the withdrawal of French Cameroonian troops from the North West and South regions of Cameroon which he referred to as our territory.

Demanded the unconditional release of the Ambazonia detainees including their Interim President Sessiku Ayuk Tabe.

“Maurice Kamto president-elect for French Cameroon isn’t our president. He is the president of French Cameroon. Anu insisted

A referendum in Ambazonia

“Right after the vote our acting President Dr. Sako sent a congratulatory message to president-elect Kamto of French Cameroon and made it very Clare

  • we want him to withdraw all French Cameroon troops from our territory,
  • we want him to withdraw all their administrators and
  • we also want him to release all Ambazonia detainees including our Interim president Julius Ayuk Tabe which they have had on custody for 7months and counting. “

“These are the expectations we are looking forward to president-elect Kamto that is assuming that French Cameroon current president Paul Biya will allow him take over.

Cameroon Ambazonia interim Governmentelections 2018

Kamto vs Biya

“We are hoping that he will facilitate the formal separation between French Cameroon and Ambazonia. And if he does not believe we are entitled to a country of our own we are challenging him to a Referendum, A United Nation’s sponsored Referendum”. Chris Anu on VOA

The communication secretary Chri  Anu said added they don’t care who is in charge in French Cameroon, that what they are interested in is actualizing the Independence of  Southern Cameroons.

No more federalism

He categorically stated that they are not going to lay down their defenses as some people think right now if Kamto is declared president. That they can only negotiate on the terms of separation.

‘That is not going to happen we are going to fight and continue to fight till the last person standing in Ambazonia’ he maintained

Ambazonia interim Government

Red Dragons. A section of the Ambazonia fighters

“Kamto has been preaching about 10 state federation during his campaign, we are not ready even for a two-state federation. We have tasted freedom, who can taste freedom and let it fall”.

The ongoing crisis in the two English speaking Regions of Cameroon started in 2016 with a lawyer and teachers’ strike to a mass peaceful protest (read about the mass protest here) ignited by Mancho Bixixi and the Coffin Revolution.

Due to government’s repressive methods and refusal to organize a national and sincere dialogue as proposed by national and international socio-political actors the conflict has now morphed to an arms struggle.

Separatist fighters known commonly as Amba Boys have made the two English speaking regions “ungovernable” as reported by BBC News.

Cameroonians await anxiously the proclamation of results of the just ended October 7 presidential elections by the Constitutional Council on the 22 of the October as previewed by Cameroon’s electoral code.

However, one of the opposition candidate Maurice Kmato has shaken the whole country by declaring the following day after the elections he was winner calling on the 36 years longest serving ruler Paul Bya to make way for a peaceful transition of power.

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fulem Monica · October 11, 2018 at 5:14 am

Please nothing is going to make us change our minds , freedom is what we want and nothing else, if others are uncertain about what they want, the people of Kwak was know what they want. Thank you Mr Chris Anu

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